As our time here in Europe is coming to an end, we are reflecting on all the things we've lived without for the past few months. Some of these we are proud of, we've broken a lot of bad and unnecessary habits being outside of America. And some of these we are longing for the moment we get back home. Either way, its fun to look back and think about how little things have made our lives over here so different then our lives back home. This is a little game I call, "3 Months Without."

In the last 3 months we have not.....

Gone through a drive thru

Barcelona, Spain: Biking, Beaches, and Bocadillos

In front of the famous Sagrada Familia, that has been under construction for 100+ yrs 
It took all of about a half hour into our trip for both of us to agree that Barcelona was one of our favorite places we've ever visited. The energy there is completely different then any other city we've seen during our time in Europe. Most of our trips have been to landlocked, cold cities with lots of history, but not the friendliest hosts. Barcelona, in contrast, was sunny, colorful, and filled with smiling, friendly faces, active and eager to be outside enjoying the weather. And unlike Luxembourg, where we've been bundled up for the past three months, and the skies are usually grey, we were greeted in Barcelona with sunshine and shorts weather! It was a mild 70 degrees the whole time we were there, which we were told is basically the weather they get year round. Lucky ducks!

April Wrap Up

Hiking in Barcelona 
Well, this is officially the last monthly update we will write from Luxembourg! Our flights are booked back to Texas on May 26th. It happens to be Memorial Day, which is extra exciting since it should be a day filled with family gatherings, being outdoors, and lots of authentic American food. We have many things to look forward to this month, but first a look back at April.

End of Season Wrap Up and Highlights, by Nathan

As this season comes to a conclusion, I have to say that I have enjoyed playing here in Luxembourg and representing my team Ettlebruck Etzella. This season, however, has been very unique. I have had to overcome many challenges as a player.

First, my team had already played 3 games without me, so I was thrown directly into the fire upon arriving. I didn't even know all of my teammates names when I played my first game. Without the preseason to prepare with my teammates I was forced to catch onto everything really quickly. Second, this was my first season using the "Euroball." The basketball that is used in Europe is different from every other ball in the world. It has a different number of panels which alters the overall look and feel of the ball. Turns out I have actually grown to like this ball a lot. And lastly, the structure of the league is unlike anything I have ever played in. Let me explain: