Etzella vs. Heffington

Etzella finished with a nail biting 82-74 victory over Heffington. With Etzella in a tight race for the playoffs, every game and point count!

A Quick Catch Up of Etzella's Season

Now, I know that some of you who read our blog are following Nathan's basketball career, and I have failed you this season! My basketball related posts have been seriously lacking since arriving in Luxembourg, so let me catch you up to speed.

Nathan's team, Etezella Ettlebruck, is in the top division of the league here in Luxembourg. The top division consists of 10 teams. All 10 teams will face off against each other twice in regular season play. And at the end the top 6 teams move on to the playoffs. The bottom 4 teams will join the top 4 teams from division two in the "play downs" and fight to remain in the top division, or be replaced by a team currently in the second division.