About Us

Hello and welcome to JayWalking the world! My name is Jacy and I am currently living abroad with my wonderful husband Nathan. A few years ago I was just your average twenty-something working a 9-5. Then Nathan proposed and his basketball career took us around the world. Now we're married and we have spent the last two years living out of a suitcase between Asia, Europe, and our home state of Texas. Our life is exciting, entertaining, and usually not quite as glamorous as it seems.

We are currently residing in Luxembourg, which is a tiny country located in Western Europe. When we began this journey we had a combined two stamps on our passports. Now, only two years later, we have visited  11 countries including Iceland, Japan, Germany, Thailand, Italy, and Spain. We have no clue where we'll wind up next, but we only hope that the list continues to grow.

I hope you enjoy reading these stories of our jet-set lifestyle. I blog so our friends and family know what were up to halfway around the world, and also to assist other expats and travelers. I am always happy to answer travel related questions by email at jacy@jaywalkingtheworld.com.