11 reasons your friends coming to visit the best thing ever

Vianden Castle; Luxembourg 
If you've ever lived overseas, I'm sure you will agree that getting a visitor is the best feeling in the world. Recently we were so lucky to have not one friend, not two friends, but THREE friends make the journey across the pond to spend a week with us. We spent the week galavanting between Luxembourg, The Netherlands, and Belgium, and needless to say it was one for the books. It's hard to pinpoint exactly why seeing your friends is 1000x more exciting when you live abroad. Maybe its because after being this far away for so long you get 1000x more excited about anything reminescent of home. Or maybe it's because living abroad makes you feel a little bit insane every now and then and, as always, your friends help bring you back to earth.  Here's a top 11 list (because I couldn't fit all the awesomeness into 10) to help me articulate all the reasons why visitors are the b-e-s-t!

Paris, Black and White

Our trip to Paris was over a month ago, but I am still obsessing over this beautiful, sprawling, and romantic city. A girl can day-dream, right? Here are a few of my unshared, favorite photos, romanticized into black and white. Because, thats what Paris is all about.

4 Travel Friendly Beauty Products You Need in your Suitcase

Any girl who has ever traveled anywhere knows that suitcase space is a precious thing. With the rules getting stricter, weight limits getting lighter, and overhead compartments constantly shrinking, no one has room to spare. While living the better part of the past two years out of a suitcase, I have discovered and fallen in love with a few travel friendly products. Because they are all multi use they actually save precious packing space by combining several necessary products that I would otherwise have to pack separately. Not to mention these products are all top of the line, and I would love them even if I wasn't living out of a suitcase! If you have any doubts, check the Ulta reviews of any of the products below. Or just trust me and pick them up before your next trip!

A Pleasant Surprise from Mother Nature

Spring is upon us! And out of nowhere! Last week in Luxembourg winter was showing no signs of stopping. We were still bundled up in our coats and hats and, like all the months before, we were longing to see the sun shine through the gray sky. I kid you not, on Sunday evening Nathan and I almost passed up walking down the street to grab some dinner because we were so dreadful of the cold walk home after the sun went down. But now, a mere week later, we have shed our coats and dug out our sunglasses! Last week the town square was deserted. Now, its packed with people out enjoying the day.

"Dolce Far Neinte" - A Weekend in Sienna, Italy

Wow, life really is a dream these days. Nathan and I were able to spend two days in Italy with two of our very best friends in the world. Another weekend off, another quick trip. This time to Sienna. A small town in Italy, just south of Florence. Two of Nathan's former teammates from A&M, who are both currently playing in Italy, just happened to be playing each other the same weekend we were there. So in addition to spending time with great friends, we were able to see two former Aggies, Josh Carter and Elston Turner, play each other in the Italian league. (In case you're counting; the two of them, the 2 of us, and the one and only Kelsi Perry make 5 former Aggies reuniting across the globe, Gig em!)