A Pleasant Surprise from Mother Nature

Spring is upon us! And out of nowhere! Last week in Luxembourg winter was showing no signs of stopping. We were still bundled up in our coats and hats and, like all the months before, we were longing to see the sun shine through the gray sky. I kid you not, on Sunday evening Nathan and I almost passed up walking down the street to grab some dinner because we were so dreadful of the cold walk home after the sun went down. But now, a mere week later, we have shed our coats and dug out our sunglasses! Last week the town square was deserted. Now, its packed with people out enjoying the day.

Pictured above is the french cafe Le Resto, where we have lunch every day. Last week we didn't even know they had outside seating, and when we arrived for lunch on Friday, we were able to sit outside on the busy terrace and soak up the sun. The guy next to us was even in shorts! Which was a little bold in my opinion, but he seemed happy. And instead of hot coffe, we all opted for ice cream. It was like a cold winter's dream come true! 

Some of you are probably thinking, "big deal. Spring happens every year. The weather changes all the time." Well, I grew up in Texas. Winter is basically non-existent. I have never in my life had to deal with ice on my windshield, snow tires, or bundling up to go outside. Our cold is usually a mild and sunny 50 degrees, and it usually only lasts about a day or two before its back in the 80's. So upon arrival in cold, dark, and icy Luxembourg, we basically hibernated for the months of November-February. Now we can finally get out and explore! 

And it couldn't have come with better timing, as our friends are arriving to visit us in Luxembourg TODAY! We are so excited to show them around, and, for the most part, explore the city for the first time ourselves. Although, that email I sent them a week ago about the importance of packing hats and gloves might seem unnecessary once they land. 

Here is to hoping the sunny and beautiful Luxembourg weather is here to stay! (Pretty pretty please, for this foreigner's sake!)