As our time here in Europe is coming to an end, we are reflecting on all the things we've lived without for the past few months. Some of these we are proud of, we've broken a lot of bad and unnecessary habits being outside of America. And some of these we are longing for the moment we get back home. Either way, its fun to look back and think about how little things have made our lives over here so different then our lives back home. This is a little game I call, "3 Months Without."

In the last 3 months we have not.....

Gone through a drive thru

Made or received a call on an actual phone/cell phone

Had a drink with ice in it

Driven an automatic car

Ate any type of frozen food (we don't have a freezer)

Been served a refill (everything here is a single serving, even water)

For me, I've gone 3 months without a hair cut, manicure, pedicure, or eye brow wax

Nathan has gone 3 months without purchasing any new clothes or shoes, because they don't make his size

We have not visited a mall

We have been to Starbucks once, in Paris

Its been 3 months since we were able to read the nutritional contents or suggested preparation methods on our food

We have not had take out, delivery, or taken home leftovers after a meal (you'll get a very strange look if you ask for a "to go" box)

With the exception of the Superbowl, NCAA tournament, and the NBA playoffs, we have not watched live TV

In fact, we haven't watched TV on an actual TV, only our computers

We have not seen any type of news broadcast

We have not had access to Netflix, Hulu, or any network website (like ESPN, ABC, etc.)

We have not had queso, kolaches, or barbecue

In fact, Nathans practice schedule, plus the fact that everything here closes before sundown means we cook our own meals, 7 days a week. (this one I am actually pretty proud of!)

Its been 3 months since we were able to comprehend the settings on a washer, dyer, or dish washer

3 months of living without AC or central heating

3 months without swiping a debit card, and paying for almost everything in cash

3 months of measuring everything in Celsius, kilometers, liters, and grams

3 months of saying "Merci" and "Ciao, adi" instead of "Thank you" and "Bye"

3 months since we have seen a swimming pool

3 months since we've seen we've met a fellow Texan or a fellow Aggie

BUT - it's also been 3 months since we've dealt with humidity, mosquitoes, or traffic :)

Nevertheless we are beyond excited to get back home!

*This list refers to our daily life here in Luxembourg. Occasionally we have experienced a few of these things while vacationing to a different city 


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