New Season, New Place to Call Home

Same story, second verse: About a month ago, Nathan is contacted by a team in Malta. Never heard of it? Neither had we. Fast forward to 2 weeks later, Nathan is on his way! (I'll spare you the boring details of in between.) Fast forward 3 more weeks, and I am on my way, too!

Chances are you have never heard of Malta either. So here is your geography lesson: 

See that adorable little country down at the bottom below Italy?  Nope, you can't see it because the word MALTA is literally bigger then the speck of land it represents. 

Thats us!

If geography isn't your thing, we have that in common. And maybe you will enjoy this google image search of Malta instead.

See what I mean? SOLD! 

However, it is small. Like, 196 square miles small. Population of 400,000 small. But it is home to a lots of history, UNESCO World Heritage sites, water sports, and tons of things to see and do! It's also the current home of Brangelina, as they shoot a new movie. So we (and by we, I mean myself, only) will be on celeb spotting high alert! Unlike our previous destinations, this place has weather pretty similar to Texas, and we are so excited to be going somewhere warm. It sure made packing a lot easier, too. Nathan will be playing for Virtus Basket. They have a very active Facebook page, so you should check them out if you are interested in keeping up with him this season. 

So here I sit, in Istanbul with 6 hours left of my 21 hour layover before I board the plane from here to our new home. There aren't a lot of direct flights that go to that little speck of land you saw on the map above, so we both had hellacious layovers. I've completely lost track of how many hours its been since I have slept, but at least its a decent airport with wifi and Starbucks. And when I start feeling miserable, I just return to my google image search and feel better. 


  1. Safe travels, Mrs. Walkup! What an exciting time in your lives!

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