The Bock Casemates; Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Luxembourg may be small, but its really a unique and breathtaking country. Distinguished by a beautiful mix of modern city and untouched ancient European fortresses, it is unlike any other city I have seen. The landscape of beautiful green hills, sprinkled with fascinating architecture, both old and new, is a sight to be seen. Among the things to see and do in this tiny European nation are the Bock Casemates.

The Casemates, which sprawl throughout the undergrounds of Luxembourg city, were originally built as a defense system. The history of the casemates dates back to 963. They were most recently used in WWII as a bomb shelter, able to house up to 35,000 people. Now the hollow Casemates are preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attract thousands of tourists every year. While walking the halls and exploring the narrow passageways of this former underground system you can't help but think how amazing it is that these caves were once basically an underground city. Now only a few cannons remain.

The Bock Casemates are definitely not your average tourist attraction. The extremely steep stone staircases and narrow, dark tunnels are for the daunting, and the non-claustrophobic. But the views and the uncommon setting make it an absolute can't miss attraction for anyone passing through Luxembourg.

We toured the Casemates on a beautiful sunny day in March, which is when they open every year, with our three friends who came to visit from Texas. You'll see some great shots below of my 6'7" husband trying to crawl into the tiny passageways. Overall, it was a fascinating few hours we spent exploring the cave floors, and we had a blast.

Attraction Name:
 Casemates du Bock (not to be confused with the Pertrusse Casemates)
Located: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Price: 3 Euros
Includes: Unguided access to explore the Casemates
Insider Tip: The Casemates are only open in the warmer months of the year (March-October) but its still cold underground! Bring a jacket! 

Have you ever been to Luxembourg? What did you think of the casemates? Leave us a comment! 


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