March Wrap Up

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
March has officially come and gone. With it came visitors, more trips and warmer weather. The most exciting part of March was when three of our best friends from home came to visit. Two of Nathan's old college roommates, Travis and Jordon, and Jordon's fiance Lora flew over and spent a week with us. We showed them around Luxembourg first, followed by a few days in Amsterdam, and a few days in Brussels. If you have ever lived far away from home you know how exciting it is for your friends to come visit you. Im still catching up on posts from that trip, but I promise to have it all posted soon!

March means Nathan has officially been here for 6 months (slightly less for me). Which means it only took us 5 months to finally get out and see a little bit of the country that were living in! Until just a few weeks ago Luxembourg was a very cold and cloudy place with not much going on. Now that March has brought nicer weather (think 60's and sunny) its like a completely different place! Restaurants have opened up their patios, tourist attractions are open for travel season, and there are people outside constantly. We have been using our off days to explore the Casemates, the Vianden Castle, and Luxembourg City.

Nathan's team is still going strong with a 6-1 record in the post season. Nathan was named player of the week for his outstanding performance in the league last week and got a nice write up on Eurobasket. He is currently ranked 4th overal in points per game for the league!

I would be lying if I said I hadn't started a countdown to come home. As someone who was bitten by the travel bug the day I was born, I find myself homesick for the first time ever. Between dealing with visas and trying to find a place to live this summer, its been a really stressful few weeks. Not to mention we have missed a few very important days including some of our best friends weddings over the past few weeks. It is something we both knew would happen eventually, but we are still really bummed about it. We're both so anxious to see our friends and families and make up for lost time this summer.

Luckily, we have two trips planned to look forward to! The first of which is in approximately 1 week when we head to Barcelona, Spiain We have heard endless good things about Barcelona, so we are extremely excited to experience the city for ourselves. Not to mention, sangria and tapas. (Enough said.)  We literally have not even seen a pool/ocean/lake/beach/any large body of water since we moved here, so we could not be more excited to spend time on the beach just relaxing. Our second trip is one of the top destinations on my bucket list: Mykonos, Greece. We head there as soon as Nathan's season ends, right before we make the journey home.

We are officially traveling faster then I can blog. I am still working on our trips to Amsterdam and Brussels from a few weeks ago, and promise to have them up soon so I can share our upcoming trips as well! Hey, there are worse problems we could have.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
PS - We are looking for suggestions for our upcoming trip to Barcelona. If you have been, we would love to hear from you in the comments!


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