Subway: Japan vs. US

I avoided Subway for a long time after arriving. Nathan, as well as some of the other imports living here had ate at Subway earlier in the year and they all warned me that it did not live up to the taste of Subway in the US. I took their word for it for about 4 months before I gave in. A girl can only go so long without a turkey sandwich, and Subway is one of the ONLY places in Japan where you can get one. So maybe it was the fact that I was deprived from one of my favorite things to eat for so long, but when I finally went to Subway that sandwich tasted like heaven. Since then I have been back about once a week and I have not been let down even once. 

Like most other things I blog about, there are some key differences between Subway back home, and Subway here:

- In Japan "foot longs" are not advertised. There is no $5 foot long promotion. In fact, the menu doesn't even mention that there is different size sandwiches available. When you order, you simply say, "turkey sandwich" and they begin to construct a "6 inch."

- A few of the different sandwiches you can order here include the shrimp and avocado, prosciutto and mascarpone, Iberian pig bacon, and egg.

- In addition to soft drinks, Subway restaurants here serve fresh brewed hot and ice coffee, flavored teas, and fruit smoothies blended in front of you.

- No chips! Chips really aren't a popular food item here, but I was still surprised by the fact that they aren't even available at Subway. However, they more then make up for it with the fact that they serve.....

- FRENCH FRIES! That's right. Instead of a 6 inch and chips, you get french fries! Not just any french fries either. You can get cheese flavored, herb flavored, bbq flavored, or original. And they are dang good.

The Winner:

Surprisingly.....Japan! I mean, did you see that last bullett? French fries! Come on America, step up your game.


  1. Nice!!!! All the times I travel to Japan. I have never eaten at Subway there.

  2. If you ever go back to Tokyo before you come back to Texas. Go to Blacow's! I heard they have really good burgers. I am going to try them when I am in Tokyo in May.

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