Bizarre Japanese Beauty Products

Japan definitely knows how to do makeup and beauty. I rarely see a girl looking less then perfectly made-up. It is like everyone here is born knowing how to apply fake lashes, accentuate their cheek bones with the right amount of blush, and achieve the perfect foundation glow. The selection of cosmetics found in any beauty store here is easily overwhelming, especially to a little tourist like me who can do none of the things mentioned above. So even though I am borderline clueless when it comes to makeup, browsing Japanese makeup stores quickly became a fascinating way to pass some time. 

In between the hundreds (and I mean literally, hundreds) of fake eye lash options, extravagant nail art displays, and every type of mascara you can dream of, I started to notice some peculiar products. Some of these products are interesting because they are so different then anything you would ever find in the US. Others are downright scary no matter where you are from. See for yourself below. Bare in mind these are all ordinary, over the counter products** that can be found at any drug store or beauty store. 

**The term "products" is used loosely here. Some of these items are better described by the term "contraption" or "torture device." 

The eye lash asile 

Even more fake lashes 

Whitening body cream. Bronzer is impossible to find in Japan, but they have all kinds of products for "whitening." 

"Nose Ball Roller" 

"Neck Soft Liner"

OPI nail polish. Normal product, outrageous price. Approx. $22 USD. 

"Double Eyelid Tape" 

"Nose Shaper" 

"Shampoo Massage Brush" Actually, this one might be nice. 

Alright, this is where it gets a little weird. 

I believe this is some sort of mouth shaper or possibly a wrinkle reducer for the mouth. 

Same product, this one is for guys.  
"Skull Ball Bone Adjuster." I cant. 

Nose pincher? The caption on this box reads, "For your beautiful nose" 

"Wrinkle Smoother" 

"Slim Mouth Piece" 

"Shapeface" with 2 difficulty levels, normal and hard

Now I am not one to say that these products aren't legit. The Japanese seem to have mastered looking young much longer then Americans, so maybe they are on to something. Either way, I am not signing up to sample any of these contraptions.


  1. Hi!,
    The skin whiting thing is culture based. Japan, Korea, China etc. Tanning or tan skin is not considered to be pretty. That is why you see a lot of umbrellas on hot sunny days and neck scarfs. They don't want to tan or age the skin.

    I have been to the health stores and they are different :)


    1. Yep! Just goes to show how people around the world have such different values, even when it comes to what they find attractive. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

  2. The "slim mouth piece" is sold over here too as a facial exerciser to reduce wrinkles. It's fascinating to see the difference in beauty standards across the world.

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