A List of Things I Now Find Socially Acceptable After 6 months in Japan

Please note that I do not condone any or all of the following behaviors. I do not necessarily participate in these habits. These are things that once upon a time 6 months ago would have really floored me, but now barely phase me at all.

- Riding a bike in the rain, while holding an umbrella
- Riding a bike in heels, a dress, or a skirt
- Wearing socks with heels, wedges, sandals, flats, or just about everything
- Flatforms (Really horrible shoes, google it if you need a visual.)
- Guys in really really skinny pants
- Murses (AKA man purses)
- Really really elaborate phone charms
- Grown women wearing Hello Kitty
- Grown men reading comic books in public
- Having no regard for other people while walking
- Not giving up your seat for a woman, no matter how old she is, or how painful her shoes look
- Wearing high heels and full makeup to the supermarket
- Guys with multiple visible Louis Vuitton accessories
- Seeing people eat any type of raw food including beef, eggs, and chicken
- A bathroom with no paper towels, no hand dryers, and no trashcans
- Smoking in any public place
- Elaborate bicycle accessories, like facial wind shields and built on hand warmers
- Any type of cat themed accessory you can wrap your mind around
- Going to a restaurant and cooking your own food
- Nail art
- Unedited, profanity filled music played in public
- Using a rolling suit case as an everyday tote bag
- Public sleeping


  1. wow you just described about 50% of the Asian culture and 90% Japanese.
    Are you guys moving back to the US soon?

    1. We will both be back in the US by the end of this month! Excited to come back home, but we will miss Japan!