One thing that makes Nathan and I so compatible is that we both love to eat! This also happens to be our favorite part about traveling. Before coming to Japan, the only Japanese food I really knew about was sushi. Turns out, there is so much more! We decided to start sharing all of the amazing cuisine we have been trying. 

If I had to pick one example of Japanese food that is the furthest from what Americans eat, this would be it. Takoyaki originated here in Osaka and everyone LOVES it. There is no where you can go in this entire city where you cant get some Takoyaki within a block or two. It is sold in all grocery stores in various versions ranging from freshly made to frozen. There are takoyaki flavored potato chips, crackers, and candy. Everywhere you look you can find a Takoyaki stand, food truck, or restaurant  I am not sure what the takoyaki store per capita is here, but I am sure it is ridiculously high. If you see notice a long line of people when you are out and about, I can almost promise you they are waiting in line for Takoyaki. 

With all of that being said, you are probably thinking that this takoyaki stuff has got to be something good. So it may come as a shock to you to know that takoyaki is a fried octopus ball.

Yes, thats correct. People here line up to eat octopus, cut up, fried in batter, and covered with sauce, mayo, and fish flakes. 

Before I gross you out too much with the description let me say, it is better then it sounds. I actually enjoy an occasional small order of Takoyaki. Octopus doesn't have a strong taste. If you like calamari, you can handle octopus. And the batter and the sauces all go really well together. The texture is a little weird, with the gooey batter and the tough inside, but if you get past that its actually not bad. 

If you dont believe me, we have a few second opinions. We have made all of our visitors try takoyaki to get the full Osaka experience, and so far almost everyone enjoyed it. Me, my Dad, and my friend Jenna thought it was pretty good, although we all agree it is not something we could eat everyday. My friend Kyla hated it, and Nathan hated it at first, but is crossing to the other side of the fence and starting to like it as well. 
People lining up for takoyaki
Takoyaki chef pouring the batter. 
A fresh batch ready to be served. 
One of the cutest establishments frying up octopus that I have ever seen.

Seeing the chef's make takoyaki is pretty impressive. They roll each ball individually with chopsticks. I will try my best to master this skill so I can make takoyaki for everyone back home. I know you are all dying to try!