Exciting Wedding Info!

In case you can't tell from reading all the other posts, Nathan and I love Osaka. It has to be one of the coolest cities in the world, and we love everything about it: the energy, the people, the places, the food, everything. Now that its Spring time, the flowers are starting to bloom and the city is even more beautiful. Which is why we have been thinking lately, that it would be such a great place for a wedding! Just so happens, we are in the market for a wedding venue, so........

Start saving your vacation days because we have decided to plan a destination wedding here in Osaka!!! We thought it would be the perfect way to be able to show this amazing city to all of our friends and family. We want to give everyone plenty of notice in hopes that everyone will be able to join us next April. We plan on making it a week long event with festivities, sight seeing, and group activities planned every day! Below are some pictures of where we want to hold the ceremony.

We are considering the Osaka Castle for the venue. It is a historical landmark and symbol here in Osaka. Although it is thousands of years old, owned by the Japanese government, and used today as a sacred museum to honor the history of Osaka, we figure they will probably make some exceptions for us. I dont see why they wouldn't allow 2 Americans access to the castle to host a foreign wedding. We will also be bringing in sushi chefs (obvi) and there will be a traditional Japanese Sumo match immediately following the ceremony. Yu Darvish, being a fellow Osaka-ite and Texan, has agreed to perform the ceremony.

Mark your calendars people and get ready for a wedding that will knock your socks off! The date is exactly one year from today, April 1st 2014. Oh wait, today is April 1st, right??

Gotchya! :)


  1. Oh my goodness!! I absolutely believe this! lol I really enjoy to read your post.