White Day AKA Valentine's Day Number Two

As I mentioned in my original Valentine's Day post the Japanese celebrate Valentine's not once, but twice a year with one day dedicated to the boys and one day, a month later, dedicated to the girls. Well March 14th was the girls day, also known as White Day.

Nathan spoiled me with an entire box of macaroon's from Alcyon, a macaroon shop here in Osaka that became an instant fave. They have two locations in the world, Paris and Osaka, so it's the real deal. 
And of course an extra bag of chocolate, because everyone knows those are the best. 

The rest of my gift had a theme that I think all of our Japanese friends will get a kick out of. 

Yep that is an octopus! My own takoyaki! And some takoyaki socks.

We had dinner at our hands down favorite restaurant here, Gyu Ka Ku. And as always after Korean barbecue, we went home in a food coma.  

Why not have two Valentine's days? I love celebrating like this! Actually, I think the US is catching onto this because I know a few couples who celebrate "male Valentine's day" in March.