Osaka/Hong Kong Trip: The Remainder of Osaka, in Pictures

I cant possibly make a separate post for everything we did, because lets be real, that would take me until April. So the remainder of the trip spent in Osaka is coming to you in the form of a picture blog. Bam! Enjoy!
First night that Kyla and Jenna’s arrived we went to the Girraffe. These girls are troopers, jet lagged and all. 
Trying Takoyaki! I think Kyla was too disgusted to be photographed. She was not a fan of the octopus balls. 
Our famous Pablo cheesecake being made through the window as we stood in a 20 minute line outside in the cold. 
Worth it. The whole thing was gone in under 3 minutes. 
Cutest restaurant as Herbis Plaza.
More sushi! By the time we left we were so sushi-ed out. 
Strolling down the Dotonbori Canal. 
Sorry, had to sneak in one more from the fish market! 
And finally, the spectacular view from the Umeda Sky Building, where we visited our final night here in Osaka. 


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