Osaka/Hong Kong Trip Day 2: A walk in the Park, a Boat Ride, and Osaka Soul Food

Day 1 in Osaka was not the best weather for exploring. Fortunately, it was the best weather for shopping, so we spent most of the day indoors. I failed to document our shopping trip, so we are starting with day 2. We woke up and headed out to the Osaka Castle. 
The Castle is an Osaka landmark, located in Osaka-jo park. The park has a very central park-esque feel. For the first time since coming to Japan I saw people, running, bike riding, and exercising. We strolled around the park and took some pictures before heading up to the castle. 
A time capsule, to be opened by the Japanese sometime in the 6000’s. 
Jenna with her hot canned coffee, compliments of the Japanese vending machine. 
The view from the top of the Osaka Castle. 
The Castle did not allow pictures once inside, so sorry for the shortage of pictures at this stop! 
We caught an Aqualiner from the park that took us to another part of Osaka. The Aqualiner was a very silly little boat, but it made for some great views and a more exciting alternative then traveling by Subway. 
Next up, lunch at Chibo and shopping and afternoon drinks at Namba Parks! Chibo was a crowd favorite, as we expected, since it is probably mine and Nathan’s favorite place to eat so far. 
The chef frying up our Okinomiyaki and Gyoza at Chibo. 

After a nice dinner at Herbis Plaza, we finished off the night at The Blarney Stone. An Irish Pub in the heart of Japan. (Yep, I realized how weird that sounds.) The Blarney stone is a great place for travelers because its filled with foreigners, English speakers, and familiar bar food. We met a few new friends, including one furry little party crasher who definitely through us for a loop. Next day was an early morning so we called it a night! 


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