One thing that makes Nathan and I so compatible is that we both love to eat! This also happens to be our favorite part about traveling. Before coming to Japan, the only Japanese food I really knew about was sushi. Turns out, there is so much more! We decided to start sharing all of the amazing cuisine we have been trying. 

Okonomiyaki is one of several dishes that originated here in the Kansai area, but its very popular all throughout Japan. We have heard it referred to as "Osaka soul food." Most restaurants have some version of Okonomiyaki on the menu, and there are many restaurants dedicated entirely to the dish.

Okonomiyaki is basically a pancake infused with seafood and vegetables. I know what you are thinking, but it is way better then it sounds. The fluffy batter is combined with vegetables and various meats or fish. The whole thing is fried on a flat grill into a round pancake like shape.

It is then topped with Okonomiyaki sauce which is like a really sweet and amazing bbq sauce,  and a little bit a mayo. Optional (and delicious) toppings inclue green onions, and fried eggs. The most common ingredients to toss in the mix include any combination or all of the following: bacon, cheese, pork, shrimp, cuddle fish, asparagus, corn, and cabbage.

The finished product is like a work of art. Our favorite place to have Okonomiyaki is Chibo, which I have mentioned in several other posts. However the other night we were invited over to a friends house where we made Okonomiyaki ourselves! Here is our version, hot on the griddle. 

Ours were all veggies with bacon and cheese on top. Ill post the recipe soon. We can't wait to get back home and cook the dish for all of our friends and family!