Celebrating St. Patricks Day in Japan

We really didn't think we would be participating in any St. Patty's Day festivities this year, considering most Japanese have never even heard of the Holiday. But, turns out there are several Irish pubs in Osaka who were hosting parties. They had live music, fish and chips, and green beer! (But only Heineken, Guinness, and Kirin.) This place was filled with foreigners. It was by far the most foreigners we have seen our entire time here in Japan. 

We obviously didn't pack with St. Patrick's Day in mind, as you can tell by our thrown together, questionably green attire. Nathan's shirt was kind of greenish-blue and all I could find was a hunter green scarf and green socks, which no one saw under my boots. We basically had everything except normal green. Noted for next year!

I guess that goes to show you can always find a party, no matter what country you're in!