My First Solo Shopping Trip

The week of January 2 - 9 is a huge shopping week here in Japan. We were told to think of it as Japan’s version of Black Friday. I’m unsure if people line up outside of the stores at 3 AM, but people do flock to the shopping districts where all of the stores are holding huge sales. So naturally I was not about to let this week pass me by. 
Going shopping here is a bit more dramatic then going shopping at home. I think that’s because at home I have a car, a phone, and a debit card. Here I have no such luxuries. I have a bike, minimal knowledge of the subway system, and actual cash (EW) in a currency I am beginning to catch on to. Also, after getting dressed, locking up, and hopping on my bicycle I discovered it was snowing. But was I going to let that stop me? Maybe on an ordinary day, but this was Japan Black Friday Week. I had to go. 
This was my first solo outing in Japan that required using the Subway. Big step for me! I arrived at my destination like a champ: Namba, which is a very large shopping district home to the famous Namba Parks, Takashimaya department store, and the underground Namba mall. It is amazing and beautiful and overwhelming, to say the least. 
My favorite place I have found so far is the OIOI. An 8 story “department store” housing everything from luxury imports to designer labels to $3 candles and coffee mugs. I could literally spend ALL day in here. I use the term “department store” very loosely. The Japanese refer to this as a department store but that term does not do it justice. Its less like a Kohls, and more like a down to earth Bergdorfs. It is an 8 story house of boutique designer labels separated like an entire store filled with shop-in-shops. It is hard to describe, but it is definitely a site to be seen. 
My first shopping trip was not all smooth sailing. I discovered my Japanese shoe size (it does exist!) but also discovered that finding that size is the equivalent of finding a women’s size 11 back in the states. Rare, and lets be honest, not usually that cute. Also, I am not sure why it did not occur to me that I should have researched how clothing is sized here. It was not until I started looking to try something on that I realized I have no clue what “SIZE F” is. This is also about the time I realized I have no clue how to ask to try something on, and shortly before the time I was scolded by an associate for wearing my shoes into the fitting room. (oops!) 
I came home with a few accessories, some new Japanese obsessions, (more on that later) a new skirt, and a definite eagerness for many more shopping trips! 


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