A Night Out in Namba

The team had Tuesday off, so Monday night we set out to have some fun. We really had no idea where to go, or how to find out where to go, so we decided to wander the streets of Namba until we found some action. Namba is like the Times Square of Osaka, so we were pretty confident we would be able to find something. 
By a stroke of luck we came across a place called the Giraffe Club, and were invited inside by an English speaking promoter at the door. 
Something I noticed right off the bat was this very strict rules sign posted in the doorway. 
The picture may be a little unclear, but some of the rules include “No camera” “No tattoos” and “no sitting down.” If you look a little closer you can see some other very bizarre rules they felt necessary to display. Anyway, I am not sure how closely these rules are followed, because once inside everyone was taking pictures. 
Once inside we had a blast. The club played the same music you would find in a club back home and everyone loved it! It’s a little bizarre to me that we cant find anyone who speaks English to give us directions, but everyone in this club knew every last lyric to Nikki Minaj’s Starships. And then Gangnam Style came on and the place went nuts! (I tried to take a video, but it was too dark!) All the girls ran to the front to do the entire dance in unison, kind of like when the wobble is played back home. 
New goal - learn Gangnam Style and be able to do the dance with everyone when its played in the club. 
One other thing worth mentioning is how apparent the height discrepancy was. There surprisingly haven’t been a lot of places that I feel like a giant, but I cant say the same for the Giraffe Club. Here is a picture I took of Nathan in the middle of the dance floor. 
Overall we had a great night, and I am sure we will be returning! 
^Photobombed! hahah!


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